"The safe, simple way to secure peace of mind
for you and your family with ourselves"

Our plans provide an easy way to organise your arrangements in advance, specify your wishes and take care of the costs. Its a chance to avoid the rising costs of funerals and gain peace of mind, for you and the ones you care about. 

With a golden charter funeral plan, you choose the funeral you want and pay for the services included in your plan at todays prices. A plan can save your family worry and expense, and help make things easier for your loved ones at a difficult time. As our plan holders often tell us, it can be a weight off your mind. 

More than half a million people have trusted golden charter with their funeral arrangements to date. 

The Golden Charter Funeral Plan guarantee

The price of funerals, like everything, keeps going up. However, with a golden charter funeral plan, you can protect yourself against these rising costs.

No matter how much the cost of the our services included in your plan may have increased by the time they are required, they will be covered. you can be sure that once you've paid for your plan, there will be nothing more to pay for these services.

Each plan also includes an allowance to cover the third party costs that are not within our control. These can include the fees for the burial or cremation, and the officiant. Only if these costs were to increase more than the growth of the plan might there be a balance to pay at the time of the funeral.

You can download our Golden Charter Booklet Here