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What you need to think about?

You may know what your loved ones wishes are to be, it may be that they have a pre paid funeral plan with us. Either way we will guide you and explain everything right through to the end. 
Details for the Funeral

When we are making arrangements there are many things we will ask, below are some of the most important. 

  • Will it be a burial or cremation?

  • Will it be a Church Yard or a Cemetery?

  • Do you have any dates, times or places in mind?

  • Do you have any dates or times you wish to avoid?

  • What type of service will it be? 

  • Religious or Not?

  • Thoughts for music and hymns?

  • Eulogies and Tributes?

  • A choice of coffin?

  • Would you require limousines, if so how many?

  • Would you like to visit the chapel of rest?

  • Would you like us to arrange the flowers for you?

  • Where will donations in memory go to?

  • Would you like a newspaper or online announcement?

  • Any specific requests?

  • Is a printed order of service required?

  • And what memorials or headstones are there to consider?

At time of need the Funeral Director will meet with family members, here these questions will be discussed.

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